What is TeachingTree?
TeachingTree was created to make online learning as simple and fast as possible. While free educational videos are becoming more abundant, it is often surprisingly difficult to find explanations of the specific concepts you want to learn. While sixty minute lectures and semester-long courses work for many students, some just want quick access to ideas that are often lost within lengthy videos. This is where TeachingTree comes into play. Through user-generated, timestamped tags, you can quickly jump to the exact moments that are right for you.
How does it work?
TeachingTree relies on its users to generate and organize content. The simplest way users help is by voting on concept explanations. With each vote, you can help future students find the best clips for each topic or help to remove mislabeled or poor explanations.

Users can also tag concepts within videos. When a professor starts speaking about a new idea, any user can simply hit "Add Tag" and enter a name for that concept. Once a tag is added, other users can jump to that spot in the lecture.
Where have I heard about this?
The more users add, the better our platform becomes, so don't hesitate to spread the word! We want to give a sincere thanks to the people who have featured TeachingTree already: code.org, freetech4teachers.com, .CO, Alfred Thompson, ComputingEd, Tech Cocktail, Educators Technology, and the many others who have helped get the word out. Thank you.
Who makes these videos?
Anything you see on TeachingTree was put online for free from a variety of sources. Organizations such as Khan Academy and MIT OpenCourseWare are making amazing strides in open-education. If you have the means, we highly recommend supporting their causes. Donation pages can be found here and here. There are many more sources on TeachingTree though, so if you find one you like, try finding its info via YouTube.
What comes next?
We are working on a variety of new features to help both students and professors. As always, the amount of concepts we cover will grow as users add more videos and tags. Additionally, TeachingTree will be giving professors the ability to create custom courses. If you are a professor with a flipped classroom or a student with good ideas, let us know if there are any features that would make online learning better.
How can we get in touch?
Feel free to shoot us an email at whatsup@teachingtree.co and we'll get back to you. You can also contact us via Twitter.

Our Philosophy

TeachingTree is an open platform that lets anybody organize educational content. Our goal is for students to quickly access the exact clips they need in order to learn individual concepts. Everyone is encouraged to help by adding videos or tagging concepts. Read our about page for more info.

Talk To Us

If you have any suggestions for how to make the TeachingTree better, questions about how to use the site, or just want to chat, email whatsup@teachingtree.co and we'll get back to you. We're always happy to talk.